Martian Creative as a concept was born in 2009 when Stefan (Australia) contacted Rick (United States) looking for music for a story he was producing. It took until 2010 for things to come together but The Martians Are Here gathered up a head of steam slowly but surely. Over a year, 34 episodes, 30 hours of audio, 180,000 words and 8 hours of Music appeared. During 2010, Simon (UK) joined the writing team and Sarah (Australia) and Ella (Indonesia) the graphic design team. In 2011 Martian Creative moved on to more professional work with work commencing on new a new Audio series Eyo and a for Television Series Vision 2020.

Stories are why Martian Creative exists. Stefan has an endless passion for storytelling and a love of all genres. As you can see, Martian Creative has a broad creative team based in different parts of the world. We work with Actors and other writers from continental europe, various parts of the US and the United Kingdom. This is the strength of Martian Creative, we seek out great creative people across the globe in the name of bringing good stories to life.