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The Characters of TMAH
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The Characters of TMAH
The characters from TMAH were a pretty diverse lot from Jim, the first Aboriginal character of a major Science Fiction work to Rose, the ten year old with all the answers to Sir Daniel all round evil man and beast. Then there's the aliens as well. It's a full universe.


Corporate Jim – The best corporate lawyer in the land and available to anyone who really needs to avoid the law but at a price. Jim’s world is changed when he takes on an englishman who claims to be in contact with Aliens. When it turns out he is telling the truth Jim unintentionally finds himself the emissary of humanity in a complex set of negotiations that promise to transform mankind. When Jim becomes suspicious of the Aliens motives and returns to Australia he mysteriously disappears after a car accident returning a year later a man transformed and ready for revenge on the race that has tormented him since birth.


Mickey – Mickey is basically your ordinary guy. He’s a storeman by trade, a little geeky, a little sports nut who keeps largely to himself. As the rapidly changing world reveals itself around him Mickey rapidly finds himself way out of depth and carried along by events, seemingly powerless to restore his life to normality or comprehend what is going on. As events unfold Mickey has to face his own short comings and take charge of his own life if he has any hope to survive.

Jones – Soldier and Priest all wrapped up in one and it’s not an entirely comfortable mix. Jones has felt the kiss of death in more than one circumstance, having killed, helped bury the dead and lost a lover right under his nose. Jones is perpetually caught between the spiritual man that seeks calm in the face of the oncoming storm and the soldier that just wants to meet it head on.

Sarah – Sarah is a reclusive scientist with a horrible past. Having escaped a father that abused her in every way possible in his own effort to drown out the pain of loosing his wife Sarah is a survivor. As such her survival instincts keep her alive through the dangers that await her but her strength is also her weakness. Sarah’s past lives within her and her father still stalks her from beyond the grave.

Rose – If she was born into a normal world, Rose may well have struggled into adulthood. As it is the increasingly strange and dangerous world she finds herself in feels more real than the life she left behind.

Shaun – Shaun is a detective with dubious links to Sir Daniel. Shaun carries many secrets including his past, how he came to meet Daniel and why he is interested in the crew of the Nexus. Shaun is clever, resourceful and not in the slightest bit concerned with the deadly monsters at their doorstep but is he a friend or foe?

Sir Daniel – Ex agent for the british government who happened upon an amazing discovery, the mummified remains of a being from another world. An ambitious man, Daniel fails to report his find, choosing instead to wheel and deal his way to learning all he can, finally managing to make first contact. Acting as the self proclaimed representative of mankind, Daniel sets about remaking the world in his own image. Needless to say it all goes horribly wrong but Daniel proves to be even more dangerous when things go wrong.


Shaggy Man – The mysterious Alien discovered by Sir Daniel and not as dead as previously thought. While his body is largely useless now, his mind is incredibly active reaching out to his creators and providing a bridge between this world and theirs.

Nerezza- The Nerezza are death, they can kill with their touch and reproduce by throwing small balls of cells at another creature which then starts absorbing anything valuable to reproducing itself.  Worse the nerezza can evolve their shape to with each nerezza born in order to take advantage of the environment.  Ruthless, adaptable and relentless.

Luce – The luce are the Ancestors of the Nerezza.  In better times the Nerezza were scholars, artists and scientists.  Betrayed by their creators, they became the ruthless Nerezza in preparation for war.  Some Luce still survive the last reminders of what the Nerezza once were and never will be again.

Fedele – The workers of the creators.  The Fedele were created for a single purpose – to serve.  Even more adaptable than the Nerezza most mature Fedele can change form at will, taking on whatever shape they need to perform their masters tasks.  Unlike the Nerezza they are mostly peaceful and do not attack other species.


The mysterious beings that gave life to the Luce, Nerezza and Fedele.  Older than the universe and generally existing outside it, they are the closest thing mankind has encountered to god.

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