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Speaking of Comedy, a funny thing happened when I did this interview in examining some of the problems with comedy now we got a heap of material for our own political satire. Todays post is an interview with my fellow Martian Simon Meddings who is the comedian of the Martian Creative crew. Simon has me in stitches regularly and let me tell you some days I need to laugh...

Interview with Simon.

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Simon in Action in a Sketch from Danger Signs.

This Weeks Podcast – Chocky

I am still working out the podcast for the week but I am hoping it will be the John Wyndham book/tv series “Chocky”. This series was a favourite of mine growing up because it goes past the idea that Aliens will descend upon us in spaceships to offer a different and thought provoking alternative. Wyndham was an exceptionally original SF writer and a personal hero, his books followed on from John Christophers to give me the sense that we could have a rational adult discussion on various issues through the medium of science fiction. Chocky, The Chrysalids, The Trouble with Lichen and the Day of the Triffids all explore issues relevant to us now yet were written nearly 50 years ago. It shows how valuable science fiction can be in viewing the world we live in as SF is not bound by the politics of today.

Daily Song

Speaking of Funny… Weird Al is the funniest man in music.

Daily Picture

Art by the Martian Graphic Artist Ella.

Once a Jolly Swagman by ~themartiansarehere on deviantART

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