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Today a guest piece from Rick's Weekly Encouragement Newsletter. If you haven't subscribed to it, I can highly recommend it as the best way to start the week, even if it's a night late in Oz.

This last week for work I have been narrating stories and creating music for a few clients. I love the creative process because it is always changing, always fresh and always new. I challenge myself to be the best I possibly can for my clients. They deserve nothing less in my opinion. They are paying me money to create their dreams. So when I’m being paid to create I am being fuelled to expend my energy for them and bring to life the song, story or atmosphere that they have thought up. It’s not such a bad place to be. It helps me fine tune my skills and teaches me new things that I can use in my creative imagination.

Not everyone will like what we do. It’s just a simple fact that we are never going to please everyone. None of us can. We can only be who we are. It is our responsibility to be the best we can be. If that means taking some lessons, disciplining ourselves or paying more attention, then so be it. I believe we are stewards over our lives that have been given to us by the Creator himself.

So where am I going with this? I think we all have dreams inside of us that God placed there. I am also a firm believer in that if God puts them in us, then we should pursue them. How long has it been since you wrote out your dreams? How long has it been since you talked to a close friend, a spouse or God about them? I encourage you to do that. Contrary to popular opinion, there is more to life than simply making money, paying the bills and watching Television. Life is meant to be lived.

There is a law of nature that is very spiritual. It’s called sowing and reaping and the principles of growth. When you plant corn you grow corn. When you plant electric blue daisies you get electric blue daisies. The point is if you plant certain seeds then if you fertilize the soil, water the plants and give them enough sunshine and care.. they will produce what they were made to produce.

SO with that in mind how is your soil for your dreams? Have you even planted your dreams yet? Are you cultivating it? Are you fertilising your life with things that are good for you? Have you let the moisture seep into your dirt? Are you allowing things that rain into your life to nourish you? And last but not least…how much SON shine are you letting saturate your life? Without light, plants die, and without inspiration and light in our lives our dreams die or stay dormant.

True inspired dreams are never selfish but benefit those around us while at the same time feed our Spirit. Inspired people inspire people. Who are you inspiring?

Perhaps some evaluation is in order. Instead of running on empty, maybe it’s time to fuel our dreams. There are a number of ways to do it. Some of the best is to help other fuel theirs. Give a little here and there, be generous with your time and money towards others, and they will be toward you and your dreams as well.

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