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Christmas has come and gone well all bar the left-overs. Now I am in writing mode I thought I would share a tip on how to make the most of words built in grammar checking.

Well christmas is over and it’s time to get back to the wordprocessor. Not that it was all that quiet at Martian Central as we had the christmas special plus two highway to mars recordings this past week so even though the blog posts were a little thin on the ground friday-monday we made up with it in audio. Seeing as I am back writing my first piece in a little while tonight, I am test driving a new book revision and self editing to help improve pieces before I send them off to my new editor. Of course I am looking to make that process as easy as possible and lucky for me word comes with a whole bag of options.

So for the writers out there you can update your grammar checking settings for different situations:

1. Office for Windows, Select Tools -> Options from the main menu then select the Spelling & Grammar tab, Under Writing Style there is a Settings button – clicking that will give you the full list of grammar checking options
2. On Office for Mac Select Word -> Preferences from the main menu and select Spelling and Grammar. The rest is the same as word.

In there you will find heaps of tick on/off options for grammar checking. Of course there will be times where you disagree with Word on grammar but computers are nothing if not consistent, they will stuff up the same way time and again. As with everything, Word’s grammar checker is a guide, there is no substitute for improving your own grammar on a regular basis.

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