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As a writer I get some good proof reading tools in word but not so for my favourite blogging tool. Fortunately all that has changed.

I have set up website after website this past couple of weeks and all of them based around some sort of blogging technology be it articles or podcasts. The idea that a website is a static, rarely changing brochure in cyberspace is changing and to me that’s a good thing. The idea that business communicate more regularly with clients is a big positive of the internet and it’s being embraced with gusto.

WordPress is my tool of choice for any site that is dynamic, it’s a writers tool not a web designers tool. Sure it can look good but in its beating heart is a typewriter not a brush. I love the WordPress editor, simple to use, a minimum of tools – just the things you need and most importantly when I type it feels like a typewriter. If WordPress has a shortcoming (and I don’t believe it does) then it’s in the way of proofreading tools. There are some plug-ins but what I want as a writer is for WordPress to take it seriously enough to build it into the heart of the product.

Well they must have listened because in the time I have set up websites, Version 3.3 has been released with Jetpack support. Jetpack is a set of tools that users of the WordPress servers have had for a while but self hosted bloggers like me are now able to enjoy it as well. I love Jetpack, it’s full of tools that make my WordPress sites run better but the tool that really caught my eye was the proofreading tools.

I loaded it up a couple of days ago and ran it over some articles i had in the pile and wow it picked up a lot of things. I then ran it over this blog post and spent the next 15 minutes cursing and swearing about how many mistakes it found. Computers are nothing if not consistent in being picky.

Jetpack is configurable and for proofreading you can set the options per author on the site so if you have multiple authors, you can set it up to suit the needs of the individual. Me, I just switched on everything.

How do I compare it with the proofreading tools in word? Honestly I think Microsof has to pick up their game. The proofreading tools in WordPress picked up a bunch of things word missed. I wasn’t all that surprised by this, Microsoft became lazy a long time ago. If WordPress keeps going with improving their product I will have to reconsider my wordprocessor of choice. It might just be time to try write a novel online come NaNoWriMo.

9.5 out of 10 for me.

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