Look How Far We Have Come
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Today a theme in two parts. Firstly I talk about one of the big creative lessons taught to me by my fellow Creative Martians. On another note I discuss the Christmas dinner just attended for the writers group and how I see technology impacting such gatherings in the future.

Creative Lessons

Christmas is a time for coming together with family, well one of my personal disappointments is that I cannot get together with my Martian Creative family this christmas. I would like to think that one day it will be possible for all four of us to be in the same room. Even with the way technology brings us close together, there is something to be said for being able to get together and have a big group hug. A manly one of course. Throughout this year I know that without Simon emailing me many times a day especially when things weren’t working for me, combined with the way he makes me laugh at his scripts kept me sane, Ella’s artwork just get’s better and better makes me want to write (Ella, I know I say it regularly but I will say it anyway – YOU ARE AWESOME) and Rick’s ability to bring a story to life through voice, music and song is the reason I am always looking to improve. I hope one day to write a piece that does justice to his talents. These people make me strive be a better writer by doing nothing more than being themselves.

Martian Creative has taught me many lessons but none half as big as the one I want to share today. When I started working with Rick and our first tentative steps were taken for The Martians Are Here I had no idea of music so I had to trust him, as I also had to with Ella and Simon. There was a point though (around chapter 13) where that trust took on a new meaning. At that point I realised I was no longer telling the story alone that Rick, Simon and Ella each in their own way were not only helping me to tell the story but had gone beyond that to be each playing their part in creating the story. Writers are generally very protective about their work, I discovered via Martian Creative that I am not. To me THE story is what is important, not MY story. Sure I wrote the vast majority but each of these three people added their parts to the story and the sum of the parts was DEFINITELY larger than the individual elements. Like a band, when it all comes together what you get is amazing. I would like to think that in the long run, this will make me a better writer because I can accept ideas, input and criticism of my work. This I have to tell you is a gift one I cannot place a value on as it’s priceless. To my fellow martians, you guys are simply amazing, thank you for your creativity, wisdom and above all – friendship.

How Things Have Changed

Another thing about Martian Creative that is amazing is that even ten years ago it couldn’t possibly have existed. Martian Creative required the advancement of technology to become possible. While we take it for granted, calls that cover several countries, video calls, tools to create and distribute content have come a massive distance. They existed but not to mere mortals such as us. Such facilities were the province of big production companies with deep pockets. Now I can send a twitter note to simon, get a script going between the two of us, buzz rick on skype to explain the concept then email ella on the artwork and before you know it BINGO out pops a piece. Remember we are in 4 time zones at opposite ends of the world. The closest I have come to any of them in the past two years was a trip to Darwin where I waved at them from the pier.

I was thinking about this very fact at the Hawkesbury Writers Christmas dinner and the fact that we are no longer bound by physicality. It was a great night at the Christmas dinner, one I will remember but one member couldn’t make it due to illness on the night and what about those people who have an interest in the community about writing? Shouldn’t they be able to participate? One of the biggest advances that has come with the internet is that it is possible to develop and interact with an audience. We are writers, we write to be read and heard. Why should that be restricted to “those in the room”? As challenging as it may sound, I think the day is fast approaching where this is no longer the case. The technology already exists and is present at most of our meetings to record and transmit our readings. We have already taken the step of creating the website and sharing stories on there. It’s only a matter of time before performances and readings are transmitted to a listening audience possibly even a live one where instant feedback is possible. It may seem a little scary but such an invention would make us better writers. While I believe in treading softly where change is concerned the reality is that such a change would not be foreign to the next generation of writers and listeners. In fact they would likely welcome it as being more in line with their own experiences. I won’t say it’s inevitable but I will say it will come as no surprise to me when somebody gives it a go.

This Weeks Podcast – Chocky

I am still working out the podcast for the week but I am hoping it will be the John Wyndham book/tv series “Chocky”. This series was a favourite of mine growing up because it goes past the idea that Aliens will descend upon us in spaceships to offer a different and thought provoking alternative. Wyndham was an exceptionally original SF writer and a personal hero, his books followed on from John Christophers to give me the sense that we could have a rational adult discussion on various issues through the medium of science fiction. Chocky, The Chrysalids, The Trouble with Lichen and the Day of the Triffids all explore issues relevant to us now yet were written nearly 50 years ago. It shows how valuable science fiction can be in viewing the world we live in as SF is not bound by the politics of today.

Daily Song

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Daily Picture

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