MW-Orbit Concept Art
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MW-Orbit Concept Art
Every good idea has to start somewhere. With the cover art for MW-Orbit it started with some scratchings on a bit of paper.

Every great idea starts in someone’s head. The tricky part when you need to involve multiple people in the process of bringing it to life is to extract it. Well while leaving the person’s head intact. Mostly. Anyway in this case the cover art for MW started as an idea in Ricks head. From there despite the offer of surgical extraction Rick chose to scribble down his ideas on a piece of paper, scanned them in and sent them off to the resident artists, Sarah and Ella.

From ricks rough drawings, Sarah completed sketches and Ella then painstakingly (honestly I thought we were painting the Sistine Chappel 😉 ) digitised them and added layer after layer of effects to generate the cover art that you see on the CDBaby site. Teamwork in action.

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