MW-ORBIT is the new music project by musician, podcaster and voice over artist Rick Moyer.

MW-ORBIT is a music/short story project about the journey of an artificially intelligent probe that is launched to explore for life in the Milky Way galaxy. It is electronic rock/pop that tells a story.


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Dr. Kroager, I have finished Diagnostic 5613.  All of my cognitive logic algorithms are functioning at peak performance.

Thanks MW.  Anything on your mind?

Yes Dr. Kroager- There are so many things running through my new programming.  I do not know where to begin.

How about this MW.  What is your mission and objective?

Dr. Kroager, my mission and objective is:

To travel the galaxy in search of extra terrestrial life.  To come in contact with spacial phenomena, and orbit three times.  Then to initiate communication by asking the question on various frequencies- “Is there anyone there?”  To report it’s findings back to Dr. Larry Kroager and the team of scientists at NASA.  To record a visual, audio and text based record of all such encounters and to submit those findings via download on regular basis.

Very good MW.  That is very good. Do you know where you are?

Yes Dr. Kroager my GPS suggests that I am at a laboratory at NASA in the United States of Allied America in a place called Florida.

Excellent MW.  Thank you.  Can you lift your left arm probe?

Like this Dr. Kroager?

Yes MW, very nice.  Now, grip this pen.

Will I be using it to write with Dr. Kroager?

Does it matter MW?

Why of course Dr. Kroager, if I will be writing then I will need to use my right arm probe.  Your are right handed are you not Dr. Kroager?

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