Our Guests

Jen Rhodes

Jen Rhodes

Jen is the Author of Little Bit of Trouble the most popular of our one shot’s.  We loved working with Jen and doing a genuine science fiction story for kids, there should be more (hint hint!).

I am a wife, a gardener, a professional graphic designer, a painter, a podcaster, a voice actress and, last but not least, an aspiring writer. My husband and I are native Texans and we live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with our two dogs (Olive and Abby) and two cats (Lucy and Linus).

I come from a long line of southern story -tellers. It’s an art in my family. Anytime we get together, tales are spun about experiences we’ve had over the years. Those tales range in variety. There are epic adventures, dramas, legends, yarns, parables, comedies and flat out lies. They’re eclectic, yes, but they never fail to entertain. A great family anecdote is one you’ve heard way too many times; one that is embellished just a smidge each time it’s recounted; thus making it a new edition to a dusty old story. Of course this is done purely for entertainment value and, in my opinion should be allowed to occur without interruption. The best of these tall tales always involves theatrics, which is an art in and of itself (my uncle Johnny and my Nana are particularly good at animating their narratives).

Where am I going with this? Ah…I remember. Story telling is in my blood and it has been begging to come out in written form since I was old enough to spin a tall tale all my own.


Mike Featherstone


Mike is the author of Pyramid our third special and in our humble opinion one of our best.  Mike is a fountain of knowledge who really understands how nut’s and bolts science fiction works.


Born, raised and still living in London, England I’m married with three children, two cars and a mortgage.


To fund all of the above I spend my week working as an engineer in the Aerospace industry where my writing focuses on technical requirements for aircraft systems which are about as far as you can get from Martians or anything like them. My requirements are beautifully structured, of course, but they’re not something anyone would read or listen to for pleasure, although there is that guy at work…
I’ve never laid claim to the title or the role of author, although I’ve always secretly dreamed of writing a book. A dream is as far as it’s ever got, however, probably because dreams are free and can be managed and enjoyed without a lot of effort from a stationary or even reclining position. Authors write; authors are structured; authors do research; I did none of these things, which probably explains why the dream slowly retreated as the years went by and I settled into my life of employment.


As I sit here now, however, and consider the idea of not being an author, it looks as though reality might be about to argue with me on this particular point. I started writing for fun a year or so back, getting sucked into an online community with a story to tell. Writing with others is a challenge but the availability of instant feedback, a ready supply of writing partners and the shared burden of ‘getting the story out’ is an incentive quite unlike anything I’ve experienced in any other environment. That has now drawn to a close but I’m not quite ready to retire yet and so I find myself in the position of doing what I’ve always wanted. Writing.


So if reality wants to peg me as an author for a bit, while I could argue (I’m annoying like that) I may just admit defeat instead and simply sit back and let it happen.


If asked who I enjoy to read then names such as J.R R. Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Anne McCaffrey will be very quick off the tongue, shortly followed by a number of the ‘greats’ from a previous era. Azimov and Heinlein will be in there along with Harrison and others. Iain M. Banks hits the contemporary list but I suspect I’d better stop before this paragraph gets too long. If anything in my writing is seen to take some influence from either these or any of the myriad of other excellent authors out there, I will take it as a compliment and trust that they will see it in the same light…or at least hold off on formal legal proceedings.


Besides a couple of short stories currently ‘in work’, my single claim to a writing credit is as co-author (with Jen Rhodes) of the original stories behind the forthcoming “Star Trek Academy” fan audio series.


Bret Hammond

Bret Hammond
Bret Hammond is the coauthor of the book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Geocaching and the publisher of Geocacher University (www.geocacher-u.com), a website devoted to providing education and materials to both new and experienced geocachers. This story is his first and only fiction published to date, which originally appeared on the zombie website Tales of the Zombie War. In addition to his interest in geocaching and zombies, he’s also a pastor and has published articles and cartoons in a variety of religious publications.

Matt Cowlrick

Matt was the voice of Robert in the very first production “Once A Jolly Swagman”.  Matt was awesome playing a farmer down on his luck and the interaction with Simon made this a really popular episode.

Matt also plays Billy Boogie, Sammy Surfboard and a whole stack of other characters in a new Australian cartoon, ‘The Beach Crew’, which can be viewed on Fox 8 and KidsCo (Australia and worldwide). Venetica for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC just hit the stands at most of your friendly videogame retailers, and you’ll hear my voice in the game.



Carole Richards

When we did Pyramid, Stefan came up with the concept for two narrators, one telling it from helen’s point of view and the other telling the story from the aliens point of view.  Carole obliged us and even though there was some really tricky blending of voices at the end, it all came up a treat.

Chances are you’ll have already heard CarolesVoice in an elevator, at the restaurant, while on-hold (she does try not to sound boring whilst your holding for ages, honest!) On an internet website, on your car’s SatNav, on a radio or TV commercial, or even during your on-line university courses. Now that’s versatile!