Out for a spot of Theatre
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My 14 year old daughter Raven has rediscovered her love of dance through the Gang Show, now for those not familiar with the Gangshow it’s a variety show (very very old school) run by the Scouts association, in our case the Cumberland group but so far as I am aware the gang show is performed by groups of scouts all over the world. Each group is autonomous, they develop their own material and do everything themselves, it’s a big job. The Cumberland performance is huge, 145 performers in total performing 8 shows to a 2000 seat capacity hall and most nights they fill it. Tonight is my third night and well after months of listening to the songs on the hour drive each way to rehearsals I know every song off by heart. It’s such a different experience for me because in a weird way it’s like going to a concert for your favourite singer, you don’t feel out of place singing along and that’s ok because no-one else does either. What’s even better is I shelled out the extra 4 dollars to sit in the best seats in the house. I feel like royalty. :).

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