One thing we all are guilty of liking a little too much is talking.  Which makes podcasting the perfect outlet for some of that pent up talking energy that doesn’t get exorcized.  Who says guys are the strong silent types.


Highway To Mars

Talk about multiple personality disorder.  Highway to mars started out life as an (infrequently) updated blog then the resting place for interviews about the The Martians of Here.  In it’s most recent incarnation stefan discusses the various sci-fi sub genres, various science fiction writers and interviews authors when he can nail them down.



Take Him With You Podcast

The podcast thats spiritual not religious.  In a not so former life Rick ran a ministry and was a youth pastor and as it so happens a DJ.  Very handy if you wanted to start a podcast of your own.  This was the podcast that bought Stefan and Rick together.  Each week Rick explores various spiritual topics in a no-nonsense, non-preachy, just the facts man kinda way and shares the goings on in the Moyer household.


Waffle On

Original a podcast to introduce the world to TV in britain from 1960s-1990s, Simon has widened the net to include TV and film from America, Britain and Australia as takes his and his co-hosts fancy.  Informative and funny are two words that come to mind.

Mash 4077

A recent addition Simon has teamed up with a couple of friends to review all the episodes in order from the hugely popular M*A*S*H series.    He must love it cause there are a zillion of them but really this is the definitive M*A*S*H podcast.