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Martian creative is about to embark on it's biggest ever project and when I say that this will be a ground breaking, trust me it is. This is a project that has some big risks and faces certain failure if we don't get certain key things in place. Why on earth do it, why not plug away from relative safety. Well for me it's life and death, martian creative will either be fully born in this project or die. I don't intend for it to die.

I read an interesting article today on leadership, now I am not normally one to read those kinds of articles as I don’t want to be told what I need to be doing, I have pretty good intuition for when something is working and when it isn’t. Most people do. However I was drawn to it by the title as it was talking about the importance of pursuit to leadership. In a nutshell it was saying that if you aren’t actively setting and pursuing goals (for yourself and your team) then you aren’t being very effective as a leader. Now there were two parts to this. Setting goals means BIG goals and pursuing them means WITH VIGOUR not a stroll in the park.

Now I have been a part of two team experiences in the last two years. Firstly working on The Martians are Here (Audio Drama) as a team leader then on Crystal Bowl (Fisheries Management) in a more hands on role working under a leader. I have enjoyed both projects and both projects lead me to the conclusion there is something to this idea of pursuit. Both projects sought to break ground that hadn’t been broken in Australia, had to work against resistance and in the end settle for excellence as their way of breaking through the barriers. Both forced me to get a lot better at the skills I was lacking in and fast.

As I enter the new year I am once again heading off in pursuit of a project that as of today seems nothing more than a pipe dream. In my next project I will not only have to get my team across the line but we can’t do it without involving a bunch of teams. It’s going to take skills I don’t fully possess and in some cases don’t possess at all. There are going to be a lot of late and/or sleepless nights. That is to say – I can’t wait.

Having done this multiple times since I first became a single parent I have discovered that what you really need to make the impossible possible is a gift for ignoring the fact whatever you are doing is impossible and running full tilt after your goal. The other thing that comes in handy is the ability to bounce back from a setback. Big projects and ideas come with big risks, probable ridicule and no end of fears and doubts. I have had far less successes than failures to date but my averages are on the way up. What I know is that conquering your fears and doubts gives you something very precious indeed.

Belief. And that is something worth pursuing.

I will report back later in the year on how I am going. Trust me you won’t miss it if we succeed.

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