Rick Plays the Didgeridoo
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One from the Martian Creative archives. Back in 2010 Rick got himself a didgeridoo to create some authentic sounds for music for Jim's backing tracks and I can remember some hilarious moments on skype with Rick showing off his skills. We had fun but I think Rick will agree, it's not an easy instrument to play.

I have to say I did warn Rick in advance that a didgeridoo is not easy to play …

This Weeks Podcast

Just before the XMas break I recorded a what’s coming in 2011 with Rick and Simon and guest Martian Mascot and honorary editor Raven.

Daily Song

How appropriate given the day I have had. Rick composing “Airdust” a track for a scene from The Martians Are Here

Daily Picture

The cover ella did for the “MW-Orbit” album by Rick

Cover of the MW-Orbit Albumn

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