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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Rick for our latest podcast. His life is fascinating and he has a great story to tell about faith, finding your mission in life and believing in yourself. So good I thought I would share it with everyone.

Rick is a man of many talents, singer, poet, writer, artist, photographer and all round geeky guy. Today I asked him about the legacies he wants to leave behind and his reply was profound, inspiring and a great example to anyone who is struggling to live out the life they are meant to live. Check out the Take Him With You podcast by Rick and Amy Moyer.

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by Rick L. Moyer
As I sat down to write my article for the newsletter I felt the need to write in poem form. Lately I have been feeling more of a need to rely on God in my everyday life. So I wrote this with that in mind.
At the end of my rope
by Rick Moyer

Those times in life when I’m at my end
And it all seems very tough
I have a choice to hide in fear
Or say that’s quite enough

I wish I could say I’m always bold
A man that makes right decisions
But often time I’m unsure of my self
Unclear about my vision.

It’s then that my faith kicks in
And I realize that I am weak
That it’s better to humble myself before God
Cut the pride and remain meek

For letting go doesn’t mean I’m feeble
Nor does it make me wrong
It simply shows that there is someone bigger
And that’s what makes me so strong

So instead of shouting what I’m going to do
And pushing with all my know how
I can listen quietly to the Spirit of God
And follow his peace for now

One day at a time so the phrase it goes
The truth in these words is great
I open up my heart and life
And through me God creates.

Seasons come and then they go
None last forever that’s good
When the wind is blowing in the storm
That’s when I know I should-
Surrender all to a Father who cares
He’s so big and we’re so small
He holds us close and hugs us tight
And stays with us through it all.

This Weeks Podcast – Chocky

I am still working out the podcast for the week but I am hoping it will be the John Wyndham book/tv series “Chocky”. This series was a favourite of mine growing up because it goes past the idea that Aliens will descend upon us in spaceships to offer a different and thought provoking alternative. Wyndham was an exceptionally original SF writer and a personal hero, his books followed on from John Christophers to give me the sense that we could have a rational adult discussion on various issues through the medium of science fiction. Chocky, The Chrysalids, The Trouble with Lichen and the Day of the Triffids all explore issues relevant to us now yet were written nearly 50 years ago. It shows how valuable science fiction can be in viewing the world we live in as SF is not bound by the politics of today.

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Art by the Martian Graphic Artist Ella.

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