The Creatives


Stefan is a writer, communications consultant, techo, karate official, bag carrier, secretary of the local writers group,  father of five, husband and full time martian because no-one can do all that and stay sane.

His inspirations include Jim Henson (Kermit the Frog), Douglas Adams, Terry Nation, John Wyndham, HG Wells and David Bowie.

Currently working on:

Eyo (Writer)

Vision 2020 (Editor)



Rick Moyer is the creative force behind Moyer Multi Media LLC, a media company that runs the gamut when it comes to presenting information.  From a weekly podcast, called Take Him With You,  that he does with his wife Amy, to composing albums of music available on Itunes & Amazon, Rick enjoys a full spectrum of geekiness and media.  He is passionate about his faith and life and it shows in the creative work that he does.   By day Rick is a voiceover artist as well as musician where he creates jingles, parody songs,  theme music and background atmospheres for audio books and podcasts.  Rick created the music for The Martians Are Here Podcast and narrated the series creating over eight hours of original music.    Rick is also an accomplished graphic artist. You can enjoy the creative talents of Rick Moyer by visiting several different websites.



Simon Meddings

Started writing for and appearing in the web comedy series The DangerSigns from 2006. In 2007 he wrote and co directed the 9 min short film TheEgg and a year later began writing for a Science Fiction role playing gamewhich continued for two years. Through that game he co wrote the dramaTwo White Doves for Necropolis Studios and In 2010 he began co writingwith Stefan Sawynok for The Martians are Here story and the special Oncea Jolly Swagman.