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Needing to do some research or to stay up to date with what's being talked about in a topic? Twilert is an ESSENTIAL tool for twitter to turbo charge your research, especially if you aren't in any way familiar with twitter.

If you haven’t used twitter before and it scares the life out of you, welcome to Twilert your new best friend. Twitter is the ultimate needle in a haystack. Millions of messages get posted every minute, how would you find out about something like “Margaret Catchpole” who the Hawkesbury Writers president has recently written a book about? Are you going to follow people who might be talking about Margaret and then check every posting they make just in case. Talk about mission impossible.

Enter Twilert. Twilert is a notificatiton system. You give it some parameters say a person, topic or set of keywords and ask Twilert to monitor them. So while you are busy at work, asleep, taking a bath or weeding the gardens (and writing of course right???) Twilert is maintaining a vigilant watch sending notifications to your email every time your keywords or subjects of choice come up. Pretty Neat HUH? So the next time that college professor in england who nobody has ever heard of mentions Margaret Catchpole, you will be all over it.

Its very simple to use, in the manner of modern tools basically just point and shoot. Once you create an account and link it to your twitter (yes you need a twitter account to kick it off) all you need to do is give it the people, words or phrases you are interested in and sit back and relax while Twilert does the rest. *Warning* adding terms that are really common like “Star Trek” or “Star Wars” will see your email inbox filled up faster than William Shatner can get his shirt torn in a fight. In other words, a little thinking is required – search for things that you really need to find out about and make sure you refine the phrases you may be looking for if it’s something common.

On a scale of 1-10 in terms of usefulness and importance to modern creatives I would give this a nine. Without Twilert, twitter is pretty much just another place to hang out with the twenty-somethings. Pretty much indispensable.

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