Vena Cava
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Vena Cava
Martian Creatives first official release is Vena Cava?

Just who’s idea was this anyway? Oh that’s right, ahem mine. One too many days of Sarah staring wistfully out the window and sketching out some very nice pictures that had nothing to do with what she was supposed to be doing convinced me she needed to stop sighing and start producing. Thus the first martian creative project (a web comic no less) was born.

Official release is the 16th of June, 2011 and we will be having drinks (well I will, Sarah – orange juice only for you) on the day and anyone who wants to join us on twitter that day is more than welcome.

The first story and it’s a damn fine piece of work if I do say so myself is titled “Vanished Childhood” and covers the origins of that little bundle of psychopathic joy we know as Divale.

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