Vena Cava

Martian Creatives first production release is err, not audio it’s actually a Web Comic by resident artist Sarah Rosengaard.

Welcome the Andersen Rae’s home for the criminally insane. Now seeing as you seem to be sane enough to not be…. ahem, “joining our lovely little home” we wish to draw attention to a particular patient of ours who is in the process of being let out. An interesting patient of ours who has baffled our doctors and psychologists for the nine long years he has stayed with us.

Divale Kerrigan, brought to us at the tender age of just ten year after he was found disembowelling his own father. We at Andersen Rae’s aren’t really sure why he is being taken away so soon actually, he hasn’t made a hint of progress and was due to stay with us for the rest of his life.

But thankfully we haven’t entirely let him go. A former Doctor of ours has promised to keep an eye on the young man and inform us if he shows any signs of…… ahem, “snapping”. One little slip up from him and he’ll be back home with us.

Now, would you like some tea?

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