Vision 2020

Currently being scripted, Martian Creatives first foray into political satire includes, kangaroos, prime ministers, presidents, the first aboriginal opposition leader, conniving public servants and women with moustaches.

In 2007 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd held a summit, bringing together the nations best and brightest to define the future direction the country should aspire to.

The report was released shortly after then buried in a drawer to be forgotten.

History tells us that the aspirations of the nation followed the report into the bin.

The early part of the decade proved to be a challenging one for Australia. The loss the ashes and degeneration of the national cricket team was mirrored by daily political life as the nations politicians descended into infighting and irrelevance. A succession of leaders came and went as one PM was stabbed in open daylight by his own party, another swallowed whole by a green monster and an opposition leader took one bike ride too many.

Enter Harold McKenzie, a beer guzzling, straight talking, womanising throwback that caught the public eye by winning Masterchef. Derided by the press but loved by the public, Harold swept to power on a wave of nostalgia and amazingly pulled the country together. A wily PM Harold lead Australia to becoming a world leading economy. Riding on the crest of a wave of success Harold won a landslide victory in 2016.

As you have read in the newspapers on Feb12, 2017 Harold made his first mistake and broke his trust with the Australian people. With the polls plummeting he needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat and get back on top.

Not one to go out quietly Harold hatches a plan, one that will see him going to any lengths, even turning to his enemies to achieve his goals.

Harold has a Vision, to take Australia to the Moon by 2020.