Welcome Raven & Sarah!
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We have some new martians on the martian creative team so it's time to welcome them...

Martian Creative has been quiet this year, we haven’t had that many productions but we have a lot going on next year. For one we will be entering into Season 2 of “The Martians Are Here” (more on that in our next podcast) and this time around we will be aiming to improve on season one. Sarah Gilbertson our newest Martian will be doing the narration and voice work for 5 of the 6 stories in season two with a guest appearance by Al and Joyce Kessel for the second story in the series. Sarah has already worked with us before having voiced Elery in Little Bit of Trouble, Eyo in the 2010 Christmas Special and Sarah in the 2011 Halloween special but this will be a big step up. Sarah working on the voiceover will also give more time to Rick to do the music and sound engineering and based o the results for the halloween special and christmas specials for 2011 the results are going to be great.

We also welcome my daughter Raven as an honorary editor come mascot to the MC team. Trust me, no-one knows the collective works of martian creative better and anyone who can quote the entire 2010 christmas special by heart is not to be trifled with. I was a little skeptical of Raven helping with the editing but she kept bugging me with my mistakes and picking up things I had missed. How could I say no? Raven gives me a lot of feedback on the stories we do, both on the text and audio versions so she will be a big help next year.

Welcome Raven and Sarah!

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